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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

       நமது கோட்டச் செயலர் மாறுதல் குறித்து மாநிலசங்கம்  மதுரை 

மண்டல அலுவலகத்திற்கு  எழுதிய கடிதத்தின்  நகல்  . ALL INDIA  POSTAL  EMPLOYEES   UNION  GROUP ‘ C’,                               
                            TAMILNADU CIRCLE ,  ANNA SALAI,    CHENNAI  600 002.
            J.SRIVENKATESH                                                         J. RAMAMURTHY                                              A. VEERAMANI
            PRESIDENT                                                                  CIRCLE  SECRETARY                             CIRCLE FIN . SECRETARY                 
            9444226540                                                          9600880953, 9843370580                                                     9444208159

No.P3 / 2-66/Tirunelveli                                                                                                                                                 Dated the  18.07.2012

The Postmaster General,
Southern Region,
Madurai 625 002.

                                Sub:  Request  for transfer to  the Divisional Secretary, Tirunelveli  Dvl. Branch to the
                                          Headquarters  office  viz. Palayankottai HPO under  immunity grounds – Reg.
                                Ref: 1. This union letter  of even no. dt. 13.06.2012.
                                        2. Your office letter No. STA/102-20/2012 dt. 06.07.2012.

Kindly refer to the letters cited on the subject  mentioned ,  wherein  under  ref. item 2 above,  we have been  requested  to confirm   the  Headquarters of the  AIPEU   GR. C,  Tirunelveli  Branch ,  inter-alia means  either  Tirunelveli  or  Palayankottai.

In this connection  , our Circle Union  is bringing the following  to  your kind notice and  for taking  further action on  our  letter cited under reference.

1.       As per  article 36 of the  Constitution of our Union , the headquarters of the Divisional Union  shall be  where the  headquarters  of  the  Divisional Heads are situated. 

2.       As per article  37 (A) (i) of the Constitution of our Union , the Divisional Branch means the administrative jurisdiction of the Divisional Superintendent.  In case of  Tirunelveli  Divisional  Union,  presently  there exists only one branch  and it  is functioning  at Palayankottai  town, where the  Divisional  Head  is   functioning. The Constitution of our Union is  approved  by the  Department  and stands holds good  for all purposes.

3.       As per the  consolidated circular  of the Dte. vide  No.69/18/70-SPB I   dt. 7.12.70, the office bearers working at other stations  are elected to those offices, namely  Chief Executive or General Secretary, Secretary, Asst. Secretary and Financial Secretary, they may be brought  on  transfer to the headquarters of the union . This  is again reiterated  in para (ii) of the Dte.  letter No. 69/52/72-SPB I  DT. 23.3.73  viz.  “the order of Department of Personnel  circulated in this  office letter regarding  bringing  the Chief Executive of the Union  to their headquarters  should also be followed”.

We  request  the PMG, SR,  therefore,  kindly  to consider  the case  and  to grant   transfer to the  elected  Divisional Secretary   Sri. S.K. Jacob raj, under immunity grounds, to the  Headquarters  unit  viz. Palayankottai HPO  .

With regards,


              நன்றி .JR 

                  அன்புடன்   SKJ 


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