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Monday, May 14, 2012

நமது RT appeal சம்மந்தமாக நம் கோட்ட செயலர் மாநில செயலருக்கு எழுதிய மடல் ...


   The Circle Secretary,
   @ Chennai – 600005

Dear Comrade,
       Sub:- Rotation Transfer 2012 & arising difficulties – reg.
       Ref:- SPOS  RT          dt      1,2,3

       The Divisional administrator, the SPOS, Tirunelveli  Division has
issued Transfer orders  under RT against the willingness and welfare
of the following comrades. The affected comrades have preferred their
appeals to the DPS, Southern Region @ Madurai.

1.      Case of com. P. Durairaj, PA Eruvadi
Com  P. Durairaj has opted 1. PA VALLIOOR, 2. PA NANGUNERI, 3. PA
KAVALKINARU. But without considering his request,  the SPOs, TVL
posted him as SPM, Dhalapathysamudram PO. Moreover kavalkinar is the
native village of com. P. Durairaj and he is a Postal Team “ KAPADI”
player and he is in need of daily practice. It is needness to say that
the available local kapadi team at kavalkinar is very useful to him.

Hence it is requested to revise his transfer order and arrange to post
him as PA either at kavalkinar or at vallioor, which will enable him
to have daily practices. Now the kavalkinar C class SO has been
upgraded into B class from 09.01.2012 as per ROs instruction.

2.      Case of com P. Revington PA, Tisayanvilai,
He has given his willingness to the following places in RT 2012
1.      SPM , ITAMOZHI (Retirement vacancy w.e.f 01.11.2012)
2.      PA, NANGUNERI,
3.      PA, IDAYANGUDI, But to wonder he is ordered to join as SPM
kuttapuli which is 40 KMS away and situated at the southern end of
Tirunelveli Division. The kuttapuli village is dominated by ‘
Fernandaz (fishermen) community. Com P. Revington belongs to Nadar
community. There is no communal harmony between these two communities
due to “ Kudankulam Crisis. Even now this situation is prevailing in
the kudankulam Surrounding area. There will be no safety if he is
posted there as you know that the Tirunelveli District is best known
for the “Caste basis actions” but one com. V. Sasikala PA
Vadakkankulam, has given her willingness to work as SPM, kuttapuli SO.
Her request wont considered on the place that she has not completed
her tenure at vallioor. Therefore it is requested to take action to
transfer the willing official to kuttapuli so and to transfer com. P.
Revington to idayankudi as PA or in the ensuring vacancy at itamozhi
as SPM.

3.      Case of com Jamunarani PA, vallioor
     Com. Jamuna Rani has given her willingness of fist choice as PA
nanguneri and secondly to work as OA, DO. In anticipation of transfer
of her husband to Tirunelveli who is working in agriculture
Dept(T.N.GOVT) But her husband’s transfer is not materialized. She has
to maintain and look often her family members. So it is requested to
modify her transfer instead of OA. DO to work as PA Nanguneri.

4.      Case of com M.Ahamed sheriff, PA, PLC HO
The official has given his willingness to the following places in RT 2012
1. OA DO
2. Store keeper MMS.
He is a senior most official. But he was posted as PA, Tirunelveli,
both of the posts were filled up by favourities. Further his wife is a
cancer patient and taking treatment at thiruvananthapuram. Now com
N.S. JAMUNA RANI posted as OA DO has also appeals against her order of
       In the light of above mentioned difficulties and grievences it is
once again requested to take action modify the transfer as stated. The
copy of representation received from the affected comrades are
attached herewith for your kind perusal and speedy  action in the
                       Thanking you,
                                                                       Yours fatithfully,


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