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Thursday, December 18, 2014

16.12.2014 அன்று DG ( Posts ) அவர்களுடன் நடைபெற்ற  கூட்டத்தில் விவாதிக்கப்பட்ட பிரட்சினைகள் 

                                                              LRPA குறித்து 

Identification of Leave Reserve PAs

Identifying of Leave reserve Postal assistants are determined on the basis of three years instead of two years qualifying service in some circles is in practice against the Directorate instructions. Especially, in Tamilnadu Circle Leave Reserve PAs are being identified on completion of Three years of service. Suitable instructions are needed to be issued to guide the Circles in this regard .

                                    HSG 1 பதவிகள் நிரப்புவது குறித்து 

Filling up of all HSG-I Posts as prescribed in the present Recruitment rules.

Present Recruitment rules for the cadre of HSG-I came in to force w.e.f 17th July 2014. All the 1741 posts are needed to be filled with HSG-II officials with prescribed qualifying service and the remaining unfilled posts are to be operated at the level of HSG-II. By this process, there is no need to keep any post vacant in the name of dearth of qualified hands. It is requested to fill up all the HSG-I and HSG-II Posts and the chain vacancies arising in LSG may be filled without any loss of time. All the circles are required to be instructed to fill up all the chain of vacancies in HSG-I, HSG-II LSG by convening DPCs and fill up all the PA vacancies arising out of this promotion process.

                           Rule 38 இடமாற்றம் குறித்து -- 

Hardships in Rule 38 transfers

Request for relaxation in granting Rule 38 transfers. Exemption may be granted for adjusting the requests with communal vacancies, since the present system having the possibility of overlooking senior requests made and in cases of particular communal vacancy not available in a particular division, no officials from that particular community can get transfer to that division decades together, till such time the post based roster point vacated. This is against natural justice. 

                         விடுமுறை நாட்களில் பணி செய்ய பனிப்பது குறித்து 

Withdrawal of ordering Holiday duty on every holidays

It is requested to withdraw the Holiday  duty ordered in many divisions preventing the officials from discharging their religious duties. It is being practiced for every holiday to put into duties  denying the officials to take weekly rest. It not only resulted in mental agony but to intrude in the religious freedom also. Circles/Divisions may be instructed to refrain from ordering unjust holiday duty.

                              தென்மண்டல அதிகாரியின் ஊழியர் விரோத போக்கு குறித்து 

Revengeful trade union victimization

Request to cancel the trade union victimization  in Tamilnadu Circle viz. Mass ‘Dies Non’ ordered in Southern Region to the officials who have taken part in the Demonstration conducted by the Circle Co-Ordination committee of NFPE on 10.01.2014 in front of R.O. on specific charter of demands.( No action taken by CPMG, TN  despite  taking up this case on several times by all the Circle Unions).


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