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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

நம் அஞ்சல் கண்காணிப்பாளருக்கு நம் கோட்ட  செயலர் எழுதிய கடிதம்...

நம்  கடிதத்திற்கு உடனடி நடவடிக்கை எடுத்து அமல்படுத்திய கண்காணிப்பாளருக்கு நன்றி.. 


     The Superintendent of Post Offices,
     Tirunelveli Division,
     627 002


      Sub:- Curtailing of counter staff of Palayankottai H.O – reg
         We bring the following for SPO’s kind notice and immediate intervention.
  One S.B counter P.A of Palayankottai H.O was granted EL for one month

from 6.8.12 and relieved on 4.8.12. A/N. The Post master Palayankottai H.O
has ordered vide his order book on 4.8.12 the leave vacancy of SB counter
will be managed by the rest of other counter P.As which result  the staff
member of Palayankottai H.O are much agitated and suffer a lot mentally and
physically as there is over workload. Further the volume of the work load is
increased day to day . The present work hour of Palayankottai H.O is 186.84
hours per day . The staff strength is only 10 P.As.
    The details of Live accounts:- SB-20439  RD-28036  MIS-10161
     Palayankottai H.O is identified as one of the Sevottam Office in our circle.
Our staff members are working in the counter quickly on the concept to
avoid unnecessary waiting of the Public in the counter.  We feel that combine
of the counter is spoiling of our aim for getting ISO certificate.
    Hence our union request our SPOs to kindly intervene in this matter
personally and give suitable instructions to the Post master Palayankottai H.O
not to disturb the counter staff and managing the shortage from internal staff.

                                             Thanking you                 Yours faithfully




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