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Monday, November 11, 2013

விதி (Rule) அறிவோம்.

Leave Rules – a Gist.

          Casual Leave:-
(i)                  8 days for having 17 holidays & 10 days for others.
(ii)                Can be granted upto 8 days at any one time.
(iii)               Can be granted for half-day also.
(iv)               Can be combined with Special Casual Leave but not with any other leave and joining time.
(v)                 Half-day Casual leave may be combined with regular leave if the absence on the next working day was due to sickness or other compelling reason.
(OM No 60/45/65-Estts (A) dated 4-2.1966)
(vi)               The officials with disabilities are entitled four more days special casual leave in a calendar year.
(DOPT OM No. 25011/1/2008-Estt (A) dated 19-11-2008)
(vii)             Half day CL to be debited for late attendance to the CL account of an employee for each late attendance but late attendance upto an hour and not more than two occasions in a month may be condoned by the competent authority if he is satisfied that it is due to unavoidable reasons.
 DOPT OM No. 9 (17) E II (B)/65 dated 27.11.1965)


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