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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

30.042014 அன்று நடைபெற்ற மாதந்திர பேட்டியில் நிர்வாகத்தின் பதில்கள் உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு தரப்பட்டுள்ளது  

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting Held with the Representatives of AIPEU GR C Tirunelveli Division on 30.04.2014
Administration                                                                    Union
1.Shri K.LEKSHMANAN                                  1.      Shri .S.K.Jacobraj 
    Supdt of pos                                                           Divl Secretary  Tirunelveli Division

2.Shri T.S.Ragunath                                             2. Shri .I Maharajan
  ASP (HQ)                                                            SPM Pettaikulam
                                                                             3.Shri .N.Velmurugan
                                                                            Br  sec  Ambasamudram
New subjects
21/2014..Request not to arrange deputations from A class offices when the office is working with the strength of 1+1 PAs
  Reply. Will be ensured  as far as possible ( item closed )

22/2014.Request to sanction minimum pay and allowance based on the scale of post when arrangement is made on technically qualified post of Lab-Tecnician and store keeper at dispensary.
 Reply .  Action will be taken based on the rulings and directions ( item closed ) 

23/2014.Request to arrange deputation from all LSG SOs evenly .
Reply. Arangement will be made based on the structural requirement. ( I /c )

24/2014.Request to supply one printer and 2 mouse to sankarnagar S.O.
 Reply. Supplied on 06.03.2014   ( I/C)

25/2014.Request to supply one system to sankarnagar S.O
Reply. will be supplied

26/2014.Request to sanction C off or OTA  to the official working in CBS offices for the work hours beyond the normal working hours.
Reply. Report of postmasters/ SPMS will be called  for and will be examined.

27/2014.Request not to compel the OAs in the Divisional office to attend duty on Saturdays since they are allowed to work 5days in a week only in the Admn office
Reply.None is compelled to attend on Saturdays (I/C)

28/2014.Request to sanction reasonable advance of TA to the official those who are deputed to PTC Madurai.
Reply. TA will be granted as per admissiblity (I/C )

29/2014.Request to provide anew cash chest to Ambalavanapuram.
Reply. will be examined   

30/2014.Request to make arrangements foe keeping the generator in a safer place at Ambasamudram.
Reply Action will be taken (I/C)

31/2014.Request for re-fixation of pay and allowances C/O Shri .M.Rajagopal Pharmacist ,Dispensary
Reply. Will be examined.
                                                                                                                /  K. LEKSHMANAN/
                                                                                                                 Supdt of pos
                                                                                                                Tirunelveli Division
Divisional secretary
@ Tirunelveli Town


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