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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

சுழல் மாறுதல் வழிகாட்டுதல் குறித்து அஞ்சல் வாரியம் 31.1.2014 அன்று வெளியிட்ட   கடிதத்தின் சில பகுதிகள் 

4. Rotational Transfers
4.1 officers of Indian postai service, Group ,A, incruding Junior Time scale/Senior Time scale officers, shall be rotated as per Transfer poiicy Guidelines issued vide Directoratejs letter No.4 -gl2o11-spG dated 04.04.2011 and 05.04 2011.
4. 2 Employees of all other cadres inciuding Private Secretaries/stenograpners and Mail Motor service in the Department oi Posts, completing prescribeo posr tenure and station tenure, read in conjunction with the provisions in the postal Manual, unless otherwise specially specified, may be rotated as detailed below subject to following broad principres of rotationar transfers:
Matching of human resource with requirements of posts and piacing officials in the choice stations may be considered in the overail context of administrative requirements and austerity measures. Inter-station transfers should be restricted to minimum rn view of the austerity measures.
l' All such officials who are due for rotational transfers on completion of post tenure / station tenure may be asked to give at least three options of the place of posting / station with reasons to enable the authorities to consider the same while effecting transfers. However. it may be made ciear to the officials that their request will be considered subject to administrative convenience and availability of the post.
ll The post tenure of Inspectors and Assistant superintendent of post offices and their counterparts in the Railway Mail Service shall be four years and they shall be invariably rotated on completion of their tenure. They shall never be posted back to a particuiar Sub-Division. in which they have already completed one tenure.
Contd ,-6-
lll All other officials should be transferred on completion of their prescribed post-tenure of four years within the same stations to the extent possible. Wher-e, it is not possible to do so without shifting some of them outside their present stations, they may be posted outside their present stations to the extent
adm in istratively feasible.
lV' lf officials beionging to various cadres are waiting since long for their posting to particular stations and it has not been found possible to accede to their request for one reason or other, such pending requests for transfer may De acceded to in really deserving cases by transfeiring out officials having tongest
stay in such stations in the public interest.
V. All Sub Post Master / Postal Assistant in a single handed or double
handed Post Offices must be shifted on completion of thlir post tenure of four
years positiveiy, even if it involves moving out of station of their present postings.
Further, as per the instructions, concerning preventive vigilance measure, rssued by Investigation Division of the Directorate vide their letters No. g-4l2005-lnv
dated 22.09-2005, 12.01.2012 and 05.12.2012, officials who have been posreo
as Sub Post Master / Postal Assistant in a single handed or double handed post office irrespective of period of posting / completion of tenure should not be posted back to the same office even after a break. In other words, officials of single handed and double handed Post Offices can have onry one posting in
such offices during their service period. However, Divisional F]eads, sublecr ro following conditions have been vested with the powers to consider an officiai,
who had earlier served in the single / double handed office to be posted bacK to
the same office or other singie and double handed office in the division:
(i) The Divisional Head will satisfy himself / herself about the
antecedents and character of the officials for whom the provison
are being relaxed; and note to this effect will be given in the file.
(ii) No official will be posted back to the same single-handed /
double handed post offices on transfer / deputation or otherwise
before a break of full tenure period.
(iii) Information about cases of relaxation so exercised by the
Divisional Head wiil be communicated to the Regional
Postmaster General i Chief Postmaster General as the case mav
be, in a half yearly statement.
Vl. Rotational Transfer of Savings Bank Control Organization staff will be made within the cluster of Divisions. However, in exceptional
circumstances, DPS(Hqs,) in consultation with Accounts officer lCo(SB)
may consider movement of sBCo officials outside the cluster
vll' All those other than all sub Post Masters / Postai Assistants in a srngle handed or double handed Post offices. who are due to retire within one year should not be shifted, unless otherurise speciaily specified or there are very special reasons to be recorded in writing oy irre Heao of the circle.
Vlll Extension of post tenure in respect of all Group 'C" staff, other than Sub Post Master / Postal Assistant in a single handed or double handed posi cffices, may be allowed in deserving cases for a period of one year by the Regionar Postmasters GeneraliChief PMG after recording full lustification on fiie. such extensions to Group 'B' Gazetted as well as Non Gazetted Officers shall be granted by the Head of the Circles after due consideration. The authorrty to extend the Post tenure in respect of the officers of the level of JTS and above will rest with the Directorate.
lX' The station tenure for Gazetted officers is normally four years which may De extended upto six years in individual cases in public interest. The powers for extending the station tenure beyond four years in respect of Group ,,A,, Gazetted officers will be exercised by the Directoraie. Such power in respect of Group ,8,
Gazetted Officers shall rest with the CpMG.
X' An Official/Officer on his transfer, after joining the station assigned to him, shall not be considered for retransfer for a period oitwo years to the station from which he was transferred. Two year break is; however, only a mrnrmum condition and it will not entitle an officer/official to claim retransfer to the oid station in preference to others who have spent ronger periods out-side. Retransfer before completron of two years may be considered only in extreme public interest or on extreme compassionate giounds in exceptionat cases with the approval of the Heads of the Circle. The ietransfer of officials as Sub post
Master / Postal Assistant in a single handed or double handed post Offices shall be regulated as per the instructions issued by Investigation Division of the Directorate, in this regard.
Xl' Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Staff wiil not be transferred from a post
before completion of the prescribed tenure. However, an officer/official may De transferred from a post in administrative interest or at his/her own request provided he/she has completed at least one year in the said post. Leave of any kind exceeding 15 days will not be counted while computing this perrod.
Nevertheless, transfer of any officer/official before completion of one year in the post may be done in public interesi bui the reasons for the same should be recorded.
Xll. The rotational transfer policy guidelines may not be enforced in the cadres of Postman and Multi-tasking Staff (MTS).
Contd. .-8-
xlll. The provision of station tenure of six years will normally not be enforced
or the cadie of Postal Assistanii Sorting Assistant except when ordered in
administrative interest and under exigencies of service'
XlV. As regards postingitransfer of working couples at the same station' the
same should be regulated in terms of exiant guidelines issued by Department of
Personnel & Training.
4.3 Transfers will be effected sufficiently in advance of the commencement of
the academic year. Officials who are due to complete their tenure by 30'n
September of the year should be transferred well before the commencement of
academic session, but not later than 31't May of that year. Srmilarly where the
academic sessron commences rn December of the year the transfer of the
officers should be effected well before the commencement of the said academic
4.4 ln respect of Circle cadres where transfer/postings are done by the
Regional Postmasters General, Chief Postmasters General must ensure that all
re-allotments/transfers in the said cadres to various Regions are finalized and
conveyed to the Regional Postmasters General concerned by'15'n March of the
financial year so tfra] tne officials in such cadres could be considered in the next
financial year for rotational transfer'
4.5 Transfers may not be effected in the middle of the academic session in
generat save In exteptional circumstances (which will include admintstrative
necessity/ Public interest).
a oarticular division/office/region should be kept in view'
4.7 New products/services and modern technology are being introduced in the
Department of Posts in a big way. Heads of Circles / Regional Heads / Divisional
Heads / Unii Heads therefore, should build up a pool of trained officials to handle
these new products and technology related jobs so that manpower is readily
available to replace the officials presently working on completion of tenure and to
ensure achievemeni of desired objectives. Proper succession planning will have
to be made by the HOCs / Regional / Divisional / Unit Heads well in time' The
Department has already taken necessary steps to train its manpower for
successfur rmprementation of rr project. rt shourd not be difficult to reptace sucn
officiars on compretion of tenure, Howeuur. io avoid disrocation of work, the
officials specially trained to handle newly introduced productsiservices and
technologies may not be transferrel on completion of their tenure unless trained
substitutes are available to replace them. HOCs / Regional PMsG must record' in
the concerned files the reason for retaining such officials Therefore' it is
incumbent on the Head of circre to see thaithere is a significanily weil-trained
pool available to rotate the officials 
Contd... ....-9-
4'B The aforesaid instructtons may be read in conjunction with the relevant rules contained in the Chapter-ll of P&T Man Vol.lv ,. ,r"nded from trme to time.
5. Posting/transfer of women employees
It may be ensured that women employees are posted / transferred to an ofiice only after ensuring that basic and essential amenities for women as required are available there.
6' Bringing of direct or indirect political or other outside influence by any official /
91"^"lregarding his posting / transfer would attract the provisions of Rute 20 of ccS(conduct) Rules, 1964, as per which an appropriate disciplinary action maybe initiated against him / her.
(N.T. Paite)

Director (SPN)


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