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Thursday, May 8, 2014

CPMG உடனான நான்கு மாதாந்திர பேட்டிக்கு நமது மாநில சங்கம் கொண்டு செல்லும் முக்கிய பிரட்சினைகள் 
 ஒரே கோட்டத்தில் இருந்து அதிக அளவிலான ஊழியர்களை ஒரே நேரத்தில் TRAINING க்கு அனுப்பகூடாது             
 2. Problems  in deputation for training to  PTC/WCTC  .
a) Unmindful deputation of officials in large numbers to the PTC/ Local Training Centres just to cater the needs of the Training Centres. Repeated trainings on the same schedules are imparted to many in the same division . Training registers are not maintained at Divisions.
b) Directorate order no.4-3/2009-Trg dt. 11.11.2013 is not  followed by  Divl. Heads and chronic patients under illness, officials at the verge of retiring stage, women employees on family way are deputed and  harassed.
c)Eleventh hour training orders are issued to the employees for trg. In  PTC,Madurai for which no one can able to book train or bus tickets at week ends.
                                              CBS  பிரட்சினைகள் 
a)This affects the public services badly, in  CBS migration, PLI/RPLI migration period and in the shortage scenario. It is well known that  DR vacancies, LGO vacancies, Residual vacanacies , LSG/HSG resultant vacancies exists for long, besides drawing of  general branch staff to unnormed item of works such as agency works,BD, Marketing, System Administrator, IMT, deputation to R.O./C.O. etc. etc. and  each and every official has to perform two to three  P.A. work load continuously on daily basis. This  affects the  officials’ mental balance and reflects badly in quality of service. Hence it is requested to restrict the deputation for trainings not exceeding 5 official from  each Division at a time for the trainings in total.
 b) &  c) Circle Union letter No. P3/2-14/Chennai  City North  dt. 2.2.2014 a/t  the Chief PMG, TN, by name , reveals the details of the case.
3.Request for  restoring  earlier business hours in Savings Bank Counters at CBS offices and request for  granting     suitable  remuneration to the officials working at Savings Bank area in CBS offices working at extended hours, since the staff could not able to   make End Of Day process  even in late  nights.

The net work connectivity is very slow at the CBS  offices  since the bandwidth provided,  is  found to be very low, which is  serving  many systems  at a time.  Also the RAM memory   provided in many   Systems are not  upto the requirement resulting in  tardy functioning.  The access to the Centralized server is   also, consuming hours,  since abnormal  no. of offices are  connected with  the  Server of  low  occupying area. These administrative hiccups  make the transactions  very slow and pushing the customers waiting on  queues , resulting in  completing  the  transactions  at the extended hours daily.  The End of Day process  could not be    made even in late nights. For eg.  In most of the CBS offices on 15.4.,16.4., and 17.4.14 the staff are waiting beyond  midnights without   even a penny of  remuneration  and  with sleepless nights.

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