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Thursday, May 1, 2014

அஞ்சல் மூன்று மத்திய சங்கத்திற்கு -ஊதிய குழுவிற்கு சேர்க்க வேண்டிய கோரிக்கைகளை நமது நெல்லை கோட்டம் சார்பாக தயாரித்து அனுப்பப்பட்ட  கடித ம் 
                      No Union/Dlgs                    dated at Chennai 600 005              the 02.05.2014

The  General Secretary,
New Delhi 110008.

Sub;- Suggestion for consideration by CPCand recommendation thereof –reg.

I submit the following for kind consideration and to include in the recommendations.
11.      Waiver of outstanding loans and advances against the Govt. servants in the event of death/retirement/invalidationon medical grounds;-

At present all loans and advances to a Govt servant is completely recovered from death gratuity in the event of death of Govt servant in harness.

The family of the Govt servant would be in a very difficult situation on the death of the Govt servant. Everything is costly now. The loans and advances are adjusted against the gratuity payable to the family, which puts the family into deep financial crisis. Their future will be put into darkness.

The Tamil Nadu Postal Employees Cooperative bank, Chennai provides loans to the Postal Employees of Tamil Nadu .In event of death of the employee ,the Bank waives the outstanding amount.

I submit that all Central Govt Employees may be covered under a scheme under which loans and advances outstanding on the death of the Govt Employee should be waived. If necessary, this scheme may be under contributory nature. This may be treated as welfare measure and implemented.

This will help the family of the Govt servant to withstand the sudden loss of the Govt servant and to continue their lives without much financial cresis.

22.      Medical facilities to be provided to Govt. servants;-

At present medical expenses are high and a common man cannot affords it. Even though there is a provision of reimbursement of medical expenses, the procedure is very cumbersome. It takes much time to process and get the payment. Also, the Govt servant may not be able to get any amount as advance when one needs immediate medical care.
It is submitted that the Govt of Tamil Nadu has introduced a Health Scheme for the employees and their family. The scheme is very useful to the employees. The employees and his family can get treatment in any hospital for which the Govt has to pay a meager amount at the time of admission. The case is processed quickly by the Insurance Company. The Govt servant get immediate financial help when he badly needs the same.

It is submitted that a similar scheme may be introduced. This scheme may be on a contributory nature. All types of ailment should be covered under the scheme. The Govt servant and the family members are to be covered under the scheme.

3.3      Drawal of increments in case of Govt servant reiring on superannuation;-

At present al employees are given yearly increment uniformly on the fist of July every year .A Govt servant who completes a minimum of 6 mnths os service as on first of July in a particular pay will be given one increment on 1.7.

There is a special category of Govt servants who are losing these benefits even though they complete minimum service required for the drawal of increment. I submit the following example.

A Govt servant retires n superannuation on 30.06.2014, the date of birth being 15.06.1954. He drew the last increment on 01.07.2013. As on 01.07.2014 ,even though he completes 1 year service in that pay he is not eligible for the increment as he retires on 30.06.2014. In this case there is perennial loss to the Govt servant by way of loss in retirement gratuity, Pension and cash equivalent of leave salary.

In as much as the Govt servant completes 1 year of service more than 6 months which the minimum period required for increment, they are eligible for one increment. They are now denied the benefits.

I submit that in such cases, the Govt servant must be given one increment and the consequential benefits.

I submit that a Govt servant who retires on superannuation between1st January to 30th June must be given one increment on the scale of retirement and the consequential benefits also be extended to them. This should be made applicable in case of death of Govt servants also.

44.      Enhancement and extension of benefits under Children Education Allowance scheme;-

At present Children Educaton Allowance covers students upto 12th standard that is upto school level only. As we aware, majority of the schools are run by private sector. The cosy of education is very high in these days and common man cannot afford to it. The present  quantum of Rs 15000 us very meager comparing to actual expenditure. In this connection the following are suggested.

This scheme should be extended to higher education also, that is upto Post Graduate level in any discipline .There should not be any restriction for reimbursement and full amount should be reimbursed without any limit. The amount may be paid to the Educational Institutions directly instead paying to the Govt servant. The reimbursement should cover all expenses including Hostel fees, cost of books Laptops etc.

As an alternate solution, the Govt sevants may be provided Educational loans by the departments for higher studies of their wards. This should be a long term loan payable by the Govt servant.In the event of death of the Govt servant /retirement/ invalidationon medical grounds, the entire outstanding loan should be waived.

I came to understand hat the number of students taking graduation is less than those completing school education. Similarly the no is less in Post Graduation also.

If full reimbursement is guaranteed, more students will prefer upo Post Graduation.

I suggest that this may be considered and included in the recommendations considering the fact that “ Spending for Education is not expense, but an investment and asset”.

                                                                                                            Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                            { S.K. JACOBRAJ)
                                                                                                   Divisional Secretary,
   SPL Thanks  to                                                                     AIPEU GR “C”,
    COM .R HARI                                                                       Tirunelveli Division,
       HSG 1                                                                                         Irunelveli 627002.                                                                                                                                          


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