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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

பாரத பிரதமர் மான்புமிகு நரேந்திர மோடி அவர்களுக்கு குவியும் கடிதங்கள் 
நாளொன்றுக்கு சராசரி 3000முதல் 5000 தபால்கள் வருகின்றன .
இதற்கு பிறகாவது அஞ்சல் வாரியம் கார்டு ,கவர் ,ஸ்டாம்ப் தட்டுபாட்டை போக்க நடவடிக்கை எடுக்குமா ?

Inland letters addressed to Narendra Modi, at the India Post office in Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi - Aditi Malhotra/The Wall Street Journal
On a recent morning at a post office in New Delhi two postmen sorted through almost 5,000 envelopes sent from across India all marked to one addressee: Narendra Modi, the country’s new prime minister.
Letter-writing may seem outdated in the age of WhatsApp, Hike and Facebook Chat, but the letters inside the bags filling the dusty floors of this local post office are a hand-written testament that the dwindling practice still survives in India.
It’s also evidence that Mr. Modi is inspiring– and inviting — people to put pen to paper.
He used a recent national radio address to ask citizens without access to email or the Internet to get in touch. “Send me a letter, with your ideas and suggestions. I assure you that it will reach me and I will look at it with utmost attention,” Mr. Modi told All India Radio listeners.
And they did, in droves.
“I’ve never seen such an inflow of letters” for a prime minister or his office, said Dal Chand, the postmaster at the post office in Nirman Bhawan, a complex in central Delhi that houses several government departments. On average, Mr. Modi receives between 3,000 and 5,000 letters a day from around India and all of them come through this delivery office.
he postmen’s hours too have extended. Instead of winding up at lunchtime, the two men in charge of delivering letters to the prime minister sometimes go on a second round to get all the missives to his office before the end of the day. The work has been especially intense in the past few weeks during the festival season when Indians have been diligently sending greetings cards to their prime minister.

r. Chand, who has worked for the postal service for 35 years and been postmaster at the government’s main sorting office for just over a year, thinks there’s another reason for the increase in mail.

Then there are bunch of yellow-colored post cards, some with handdrawn lanterns and rangolis(Indian designs) to wish the prime minister a happy Diwali. Another contains a short poem titled “Namo Namo, the Conqueror.” Others are marked “urgent” including one asking Mr. Modi to expedite a response to a right to information request.


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