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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ரயில்வே ஊழியர்களுக்கு விடுப்பை பணமாக்க  மேலும் ஒரு வாய்ப்பு 

One time relaxation in Rules for leave encashment during service

RBE No. 141/2014
No. F(E)III/2008/LE-1/1
New Delhi, Dated: 15/12/2014
The GMs/FA & CAOs,
All Zonal Railways/PUs,
(As per Mailing List)

Subject: One time relaxation in Rules for leave encashment during service – Permission for leave encashment to Railway Employees who have failed to avail leave encashment during the previous blocks.

Representations have been received in this office to allow leave encashment to Railway employees who have failed to avail the benefit during the previous blocks despite availing Pass/PTO and leave during a block on the ground that the concept of block period was new for the Railway employees and it Introduced during the 2nd block period resulting in some of the employees failing to apply for the same due to various reasons.

2. The matter has been sympathetically considered by Board and it has been agreed to allow leave encashment to the employees who have failed to avail the same during the previous block period (first three block periods) despite fulfilling the condition of availing of Pass/PTO and leave during the block, as one time exemption, with the condition that leave encashment will be made at the rate of pay applicable at the time of availing of leave, subject to fulfillment of the conditions as laid down in Railway Boards letter of even No’s dated 29.10.2008 and 11.06.2009, as applicable on the day of leave availed, with the approval of leave sanctioning authority

3. The above relaxation is made as one time measure and the employees have to apply for the same along with the proof of grant of leave and pass during the block period within four months from the date of issue of this letter.

4. It is reiterated that it is a one-time relaxation and in future including the current block no claim from a retrospective date shall be entertained. All the claims for leave encashment should be done with prior approval of the competent authority as per the block system of Leave encashment

5. This issues-with the approval of Board (MS & FC).

(Amitabh Joshi)
Deputy Director Finance (Estt.)III
Railway Board.


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