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Monday, April 4, 2016

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ஜூனில் வருகிறதாம் ---
ஜனவரி 2016 முதல் அமுலாகிறதாம் 
ஆறுமாதா  நிலுவைத்தொகை 
குறைந்தபட்ச சம்பளம் ரூபாய் 20000
New Delhi, April 2: There is good news in the offing for Central Government employees as Seventh Pay Commission will be implemented soon. 

Reportedly within two to three months all the required things will be done so that increment will be handed over to government staff.

Here are all the latest developments about the pay commission.
 Final implementation 
Government will implement Pay commission most likely in July. 
Central Government employees will be paid six months arrears along with final increment. 
Notification for salary increment will be issued after State Assembly elections. 
Most likely it will be done in May. 
 Union Cabinet may approve recommendations of the Pay Commission in the month of June. 
 Confusion over minimum basic salary 
Government is contemplating to give around 19 percent raise on the existing minimum basic salary. 
Reports say that Empowered Committee of Secretaries will suggest minimum pay Rs 20,000 in place of Rs 18,000 which was proposed earlier. 
Central government employees who are not happy with present proposal want minimum pay Rs 26,000 


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