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Monday, May 13, 2013

 நெல்லைக்கு வந்த  PMG அவர்களுக்கு  P 3 ,P 4 சார்பாக  கொடுத்திட்ட கோரிக்கை  மனு 

                            ALL INDIA POSTAL  EMPLOYEES UNION GROUP –C
                                      TIRUNELVELI DIVISIONAL BRANCH
                                        TIRUNELVELI  627002
 TO.                                                                                                          Date- 11.5.2013
             The Postmaster General
              Southern region
             Camp at Tirunelveli

  Respected madam,
                       Sub; Settlement of grievances of officials working in the Tirunelveli Dn  – reg

We on behalf of Postal unions of P3&P4 ,bring the following problems for your kind attention and early settlement please.



                     This office has delivery establishment of 7postmen and 2 GDSMD. Vide Spos Memo No A1 /104 DTD 09.04.2013.Two posts of postmen and one GDSMDhave been reduced and redeployed to Maharajanagar.All of the sudden with effect from 22.4.2013,this arrangement has been implemented.It is learnt that distance travelled by the 7 postmen and 2GDS  were noted as 80kms,whereas the actual distance travelled by them is more than 180kms. Further as per Rules Test checks have to be collected for 2days in the middle of the week.This was not adhered.number of M.O.s paid shown was also not according to the actual transactions in theMonth.the figure collected doesnot reflect the average. Hence on a wrong calculation such reduction was made.thereby the public at large and the staff in particular are suffering very much due to this reduction at Vicramasingapuram.The records in the divisional office will reveal the facts.

                                       The delivery establishment of this office is 10postmen and one sorting postman.The figures collected regarding the delivery of Tapals is far below the actual number of tapals.it is learnt that the figure submitted by the spm is around 2700 whereas in the test check, it is shown as around 800 that too oneday test check alone has been taken.in respect of distance travelled, we would like to submit that  Tirunelveli toWn is a congested areaand residential area in a faced manner acording to whichthe time factor for traveling by the postmen is to be taken at the rate of 10 minituesPer km whereas only 6 minitues has been accounted.Hence it caused reduction of 2posts of postmen which were redeployed to perumalpuram S.O.

              In both the offices ,the entire distance travelled by the delivery staff were shown as distance travelled by cycle.where as few kms has to be taken as distance travelled by foot.

               One shri R.V.Thiyagarajapandiyan now working as spm Alwarkurichi
has been transferred to as Spm Nalmukku  class III so, a hill station at about 4500 ft height from the sea level.He has submitted his request for the following offices.
1.P.A.Kadayam  2. P.A.Ambasamudram   3.P.A.V.K.Puram
    His seniority in the divisional gradation list is 81.His wife is also employed in the state govt ,as govt  teacher educator at Sengottai. He is residing at melagaram,near
Courtallam.his two female children are studying 5th std & UKG Near Melagaram..

                     Nalumukku s.o. is being manned by the officials on deputation during the past 7 years.Nalumukku is 45 kms away from Alwarkurichi and 72 kms away from his residence.The appeal submitted by shri R.V.Thiyagarajapandian is enclosed h/w For your kind disposal.Even 20 days back one official from idukki has been posted as Spm Brahmadesam ( He is yet to be join )

        Soliciating your early intervention in this regard

                                             Thanking you Madam

                                                                                        Yours faithfully

                                                                                 Divisional secretary


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