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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

அடுத்து தயாராகும் LSG பட்டியலுக்கான வரைவு பட்டியல் CPMG அலுவலகத்தில் இருந்து வந்துள்ளது .கீழ் காணும் தோழர்கள் அதை27.05.2016 குள் பார்த்து தங்கள் தகவல்களை உறுதிபடுத்தவும் 

1.C .ராணி அன்பரசி  2.I .மகாராஜன் 3.அப்துல்ரஹீம் 4.விஜயராணி 5.N 

.5.செண்பகவள்ளி6. கே.எழிலரசி7.T.சுடலையாண்டி 8.R .ராமாத்தாள்  9.கனகசபாபதி 10.A .ஆதிமூலம் 11.P .குமாரி 12..B .பழனியா ட்சி 13.S.பூங்குமரி 13.A .ராஜேஸ்வரி   14.S .சிவஞானம் 15.S .முத் துலதா 16.T.அழகுமுத்து  

Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002
The Dy.Director , Foreign Post, Chennai 600001
The Chief Postmaster,Anna Road/Chennai GPO
The SSPOs / SPOs
All Postal Divisions of
Tamilnadu Circle.
     Lr No. STA/29-CGL/PA/16  dated at Chennai 600 002 on the      6/05/2016.

                Sub  : Draft Seniority List of PAs for promotion to LSG cadre  – Reg.

            The Circle level draft Seniority List of PAs appointed prior to 04.11.1992 and confirmed after 1.4.1988 and who are in service as on 01.04.2016 is attached herewith.  The details of service particulars / inter-se seniority of the officials pertaining to your Division may be verified thoroughly and any correction / deletion / additions etc. may be intimated to this office. This list may also be brought to the notice of all officials in the Division.
            Details in the remarks column i.e.VH, HH, OH, A/cs qualified etc. may also be verified.  In respect of officials came under Rule 38  transfer, they are placed according to their date of inward transfer to the new Division/Unit and at the end of the year concerned.  In case of officials came under Rule 38 transfers within the circle, Name of division may be of transferring division in the seniority list in such cases particulars of such officials may also be verified by the transferee division and the fact intimated to this office.
All the above exercise should be completed before 27.5.2016 and a report should be sent to this office on or before 31.05.2016. Representations, if any, received should be forwarded, along with your report.  If no representation is received a ‘NIL’ report should be sent to this office.
            Asst. Director (Staff)
for Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai  600 002
 28520390 & Fax- 28521538

Copy to:

1.       The Postmaster General, Chennai City Region, Chennai 600 002 / Central Region, Trichy 620 001 / Southern Region, Madurai 625 002 / Western Region, Coimbatore 641 002 for information. 

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