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Friday, August 12, 2016

 நெல்லை அஞ்சல் நிர்வாகமே !
      விக்கிரமசிங்கபுரம் என்றால் வேப்பங்காயாய் கசப்பது ஏன் ?
 மீண்டும் தபால்காரர் பதவியில் கைவைப்பா ?
 ஆட்பற்றாக்குறையால் அவதிப்படும் தபால்காரர்களுக்கு தொடர்ந்துவரும் சாபமா ? நிர்வாகத்தின் கோபமா ?
 எரிகிற தீயில் எண்ணெய்  ஊற்றாதீர்கள் !
பொது மக்கள்சேவையை குறைக்காதீர்கள் !

 இது  குறித்து அஞ்சல் மூன்று /அஞ்சல் நான்கு இனைந்து கொடுக்கும் கோரிக்கைமனு உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு 

 No GM/Memorandum dated      at    Tirunelveli  627 002   the  11-08-2016

The Sr. Superintendent of Post offices,
Tirunelveli Division,
Tirunelveli 627 002


Sub:-    Memorandum on burning issues of Tirunelveli Division - reg

            We bring the following for the kind notice of the SSPOs., for immediate redressal.

1.     Withdraw the orders issued on 10.08.2016 to abolish two postmen posts of VickramasingapuramSO & One Postman post ofPalayankottaiHO which is against the interest of staff and service.
The SSP Tirunelveli has issued orders in Memo No. A1/GL/20/ADR Plan dated 10.08.2016.The sanctioned strength of postmen at Vickramasingapuram from the year 1996 is given as follows

Original sanctioned strength of postman at VK Puram --8
In the Year 1996 Postman –7, EDDA- 2, EDPacker - 2
In the year 1996 based on the PMG SR VR POSTMAN 7+ EDDA 4  
In year 2007 Postman -7 + GDSMD - 2
In year 2013 Postman -5 + GDSMD – 1

In the year 2013, 2 postman posts and one GDSMD Post were abolished by SSP Tirunelveli memo noA1/104 dtd 09.04.2013 and the said posts were deployed to Maharajanagar SO and Perumalpuram SO.due to  wrong calculation of distance travelled by delivery staffs as 80 kms instead of 280 kms.

We believe that the orders confirming the abolition of Two postman posts Vickramasingapuram is again issued vide SSP, TirunelveliMemo No. A1/GL/20/ADR Plan dated 10.08.2016 quoting PMG, SR Memo No. ESB/EST/205-12-08-2013 and CO letter No. ESB/300-4/2006-08.  Hence, now there is no need to reduce two postman posts at Vickramasingapuram again.

After agitation of service unions, as per the direction of RO Madurai the delivery Statistics of Vickramasingapuram SO was compiled by the ASP,Palayankottai Sub Division and Ambasamudram Sub Division. The distance travelled by the delivery staff was 280 kms per day and there is a justification for more than 5 postmen and 2GDS MD. This matter may kindly be confirmed with the relevant records available at D.O and the issue may pleasebe taken up with R.O for cancelling the wrongly issued abolition orders of Two postmen at Vickramasingapuram SO and one postman of Palayankottai HO, if required.In the meantime,we request the SSP to defer the orders issued vide DOMemo No.A1/GL/20/ADR Plan dated 10.08.2016 as there is a strong resentment among the staff of Tirunelveli Division. Further, recently public of Vickramasingapuram agitated for shortage of staff at Vickramasingapuram. Now the orders issued will only add fuel to the fire.

With a hope that the above problems will be settled by the Divisional Administration to avoid industrial unrest.

                                                                                                                               Yours Faithfully

SK .ஜேக்கப் ராஜ் P3 கோட்ட செயலர் 
SK ..பாட்சாP4 கோட்டசெயலர் 
P.சுப்பிரமணியன் P3 செயலர் அம்பை

S.ஆதிநாராயணன் P4 செயலர் அம்பை        



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