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Friday, October 17, 2014

சேமிப்பு பிரிவில் பணியாற்றும் தோழர்களின் கவனத்திற்கு SBCO பிரிவில் தந்த வழிகாட்டுதல்கள் 

SBCO Instructions to SOs -Reg.

From                                                   To
Supervisor,                                             The Sub Postmaster

Sub:-  Instructions to SOs -Reg.

                       This is regarding omissions, commissions and mistakes occurred in SB transaction  and  the reason for raising OMs are brought  to your notice  for future guidance and to  avoid such mistakes in future.  All are requested to pay an additional effort to minimize these mistakes and reduce the number of OMs.

1.    The vouchers should be serially arranged, stitched and sealed intact.

2.    In case of CBS office, the vouchers should be arranged by the transaction ID wise.

3.    In respect of withdrawals allowed at Sub Office, compulsorily the SS should be verified by the SB counter PA irrespective of the amount.  When the amount exceeds Rs.5000/-,  SPM also should verify and put his full signature in the appropriate place in token of having verified.

4.    The BAT and DLT should be noted in all vouchers after verifying its correctness with PassBook  and System.

5.    Closure vouchers (SB - 7A )  should invariably attached with  SB-3 card and KYC documents.

6.    All payment of the deceased claim case should invariably be made onlyby crossed cheque. ( SB Order 25/2010 ).

7.    Date stamps should be impressed legibly in the SB3 cards, LOTs and vouchers.

8.    The Closed RD Passbooks are to be sent along with the closed warrants in respect of Single handed Offices and Sub offices manned by single individual in B Class offices.

9.    When the amount of  withdrawal exceeds Rs.20,000/-,  payment should  be effected only by cheque  or by giving credit in Savings account of the depositor,  where the Cheque   Number or SB A/C Number should be noted in the acquaintance portion of the SB-7/SB-7(a).

10.  SB-103 and SB-7 should be prepared and attached along with regular voucher for automatic credit from MIS to SB and SB to RD.  Vouchers for MIS auto credit to SBaccounts is to be attached.

11.  List of holidays should be configured in the SO system then and there to avoid non-accounting of auto credits on holidays.

12.  All RD bulk list are to be attached with the LOT, where the new account numbers should be invariably noted in RED INK.

13.  Normally Messenger service is not allowed for all Closure. ( Dte Order No 15/2010). When it is specifically required, the Payment should be made to the messenger only through account payee cheque drawn in favour of the depositor, after receiving the letter of authorization from the depositor.

14.  In case of transfer, the AT/SB-10B for local should be returned immediately to HO after assigning the number and opening the same at your end.

15.  RD bulk postings are to be made on the same day of acceptance.

16.  Necessary certificate should be obtained both on the application and payment order side, while making payment made to illiterate depositor  Witness should be obtained with full address.

17.  As CBS is on the way to roll out, all depositor should have a SB account to credit their interest in the respective due dates.

18.  For all accounts opened, registration of nomination is compulsory.  Witness should be obtained with full address.  In case of minor is nominated, a guardian should be appointed to receive the money during the minority of minor.

19.  When the deposit/withdrawal exceeds Rs.50,000/-, PAN particulars/form-60/form-61 to be obtained.

              It is requested to follow the above instructions, besides the rules and instructions issued by the department then and there. It is to be noted that, the rules framed and instruction issued by the department will supersedes the above instruction and always hold good.      
                                                                               Supervisor, SBCO


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