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Monday, October 27, 2014

கிளை அஞ்சலகங்களில் SPEEDPOST வாங்குவதற்கான வழிமுறைகள் 

Department of Posts, India
O/o Supdt. of Post offices, Tirunelveli Division, Tirunelveli – 627 002.

All PMs/SPMs in Tirunelveli Division

No. L5/SP-1/Dlgs dated at Tirunelveli – 627 002, the 24.10.2014

            Sub:  Booking of Speed Post articles at BOs –reg.

            Ref : This office letter of even number dated 30.07.2014

            This is regarding booking of speed post articles at BOs under your SO.

            As Speed Post contributes the major share of BD target, more concentration has to  be given to achieve target allotted for Speed Post.

            Target allotted for SO  - 50 articles per month

            Target allotted for BO : 25 articles per month.

            The procedure for booking of Speed Post articles at BOs is as follows.

1.    One register journal should be used separately for booking of Speed Post articles.
2.    BOs should use Duplicate Speed Post Stickers. One for customer and another should be pasted in the article.
3.    BO should send the booked Speed Post article to the AO, duly invoiced in the BO daily account.
4.    At AO, such articles should be received through Speed net (Receipt from other offices option) and dispatch the same along with AO articles.

In this regard, you are requested to supply one registered journal and duplicate
barcode stickers to all BOs with the instruction to book atleast one Speed post articles per day without fail.

            A monthly report on Speed post booking at BOs should reach this office through e-mail on 2nd of every month.

/M. Veeraputhiran/
O/o Supdt. of Post offices,
Tirunelveli Division,
Tirunelveli – 627 002.


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