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Thursday, February 20, 2014

 அரசு ஊழியர்களின் பணி ஓய்வு வயது  62 ?

Retirement Age 62 - All set to hike central retirement age to 62 yearsAll set to hike central retirement age to 62 yearsIt may sound like ridiculous as number of times articles regarding this topic has published in different websites and newspapers. But as per our sources and media reports, centre finally decided to hike retirement age to 62 years. The process has received PM's nod and awating cabinet approval which is likely to be obtained in the next meeting.The newly set up seventh CPC has recommended this hike in an interim report which got Govt. approval.As per information available with us, this move will not benefit those who are going to be superannuated in this month or those who are already in extension.


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