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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Leave Travel Concession – Air Travel concession ends today…

Concession of Air travel, which the Central Government employees have been enjoying for the past 6 years, comes to an end today. It is saddening to see that a scheme, that was so popular and enjoyed by all across ranks, has come to an end. 

Travelling by airplane with the entire family is still not an ordinary feat for the majority of Indians. It therefore comes as no surprise that the ones who didn’t utilize this opportunity are regretting it.

For countless Central Government employees who completed a year in service and took their parents and siblings on a plane journey, it will be a memory worth cherishing for a very long time. 

Former employees, who had served for 30-40 years but didn’t enjoy this facility, sure have their regrets. No matter how sophisticated and comfortable buses, trains and ships are, they can’t quite match the thrill of travelling by air.  

There are no indications yet that the scheme could be extended, but one can be sure only after the 2014-15 General Budget is presented.


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