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Thursday, March 14, 2013

 அன்பார்ந்த தோழர்களே ! தோழியர்களே ! வணக்கம் .

          இந்த மாத  மாதாந்திரபேட்டிக்கான  SUBJECTS  உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு 



NO/P3/MM/Dated at Tirunelveli 627002 the 13-03-2013.
The Supdt., of Post Offices,
Tirunelveli -627002.

Sub: Subjects for monthly meeting - reg.

The following subjects may kindly be included for discussion in the monthly meeting.

  1. Request to supply 2 Printers to Sankaranagar SO.
  2. Request to dequarterise Sankaranagar SO.
  3. Request to grant full time SB allowance to SBPA, Sankarnagar SO.
  4. Request to supply 1 cash counting machine to Sankaranagar SO
  5. Request to provide Treasury guage to TRR, Sankaranagar.
  6. Request to supply adequate eMO forms to all SO,s.
  7. Request to sanction Treasury allowance to Treasurer, Tirunelveli Town for the year 2011-2012 and from Oct-2012 onwards.
  8. Request to include the Speed Post articles received after 12.00PM at Perumalpuram and Maharajanagar in the next day delivery.
  9. Request to revise the MDW of Perumalpuram SO.
  10. Request to attach one PA to Perumalpuram to meet the over work load.
  11. Request to provide one PA to CBS work at Tirunelveli HO.
  12. Request to make alternate mail arrangement for Gangaikondan so that mails are received in advance.
  13. Request to depute one PA to Tachanallur SO.
  14. Request to replace UPS at Tirunelveli Pettai SO.
  15. Request to dequarterise of Vijayanarayanam SO.
  16. Request to supply one computer table to Kulavanigarpuram SO.
  17. Request to supply one wooden almirah to Anuvijai Twonship SO.
  18. Request to house alternate building to Maruthakulam SO.
  19. Request to supply 2 visitor chairs to KTC Nagar SO.
  20. Request to depute 1 PA to Vadakkankulam SO.
  21. Request to supply 2 armed chairs to Idayangudi SO.
  22. Request to supply 2 Printers to SB counter of Palayankottai HO.
  23. Request to repair passbook printer at Palayankottai HO.
  24. Request to repair system in back office at Palayankottai HO.
  25. Request to supply lazer printer to SBCC Palayankottai HO.
  26. Request to supply 2 counter chairs to Kalakkad SO.
Ambasamudram subjects will be sent shortly.

The following officials will attend the meeting

  1. S.K.Jacob Raj, Divisional Secretary, PA, Tirunelveli Town.
  2. D.Prabhakar, PA Vallioor SO now at Samugarengapuram SO.
  3. N.velmurugan, Br Secretary, PA, Ambasamudram HO.

Thanking you

                                                                                                                Yours faithfully,



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