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Friday, November 3, 2017

இன்று (03.03.2017)நடைபெறவிருக்கும் தென் மண்டல BI -MONTHLY கூட்டத்தில் விவாதிக்க கொடுத்திருக்கும் பிரச்சினைகள் 

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                  D4, Dr.Subbarayan nagar Postal Qtrs., Teynampet, Chennai –600 018.
 P.MOHAN                              J. RAMAMURTHY                       A. VEERAMANI
 PRESIDENT                         CIRCLE  SECRETARY          CIRCLE FIN . SECRETARY                 

No. P3/BMM/SR                                                                                                                            dt. 23.10.2017


The Postmaster General,
Southern Region,
Madurai 625 001.

Sir,                              Sub:  Subjects for the bi-monthly meeting with the PMG, SR on  03.11.2017  - Reg.                                                                                                 ….

            The under mentioned item of subjects are proposed to be taken up for discussions with the PMG, SR during the ensuing bi-monthly meeting. The same may kindly be entertained.  The pending subjects may also be taken up for discussions. Sorry for late submission of subjects, Which happened due to continuous Four Monthly Meeting and RJCM meetings on 20 th and 23rd Oct. 2017.

New Subjects:-

1.     Acute shortage of staff  in Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram  Divisions due to irregular assessment of vacancies in previous years and continued Rule 38 tfrs/temporary transfers/ deputations to Regional office etc.  There is mismatch in between the sanctioned and working strength. Further there are many deputations to Regional office / frequent ordering for trainings in bulk, the entire services are much hampered. Hence it is requested to recall the deputationists to these Divisions immediately besides permitting some percentage of outsourcing/eligible willing GDS/Postman/MTS in back office work/ BD activities.

2.     Continued harassment of staff in the name of BD activities at Kovilpatti Division by using unparliamentarily words in BD meetings against the staff by the SSPOs., Kovilpatti Dn., fixing heavy targets even to the indoor staff, while they are attending more than 10-12 hrs office indoor duty in the shortage scenario, refusal of even emergent medical leaves, threatening with APAR entries in open meetings. To add fuel to the fire, two officials were threatened over phone to credit the amount equal to the value of an express parcel, which was booked at Tenkasi HO, without making proper enquiry at the delivery end and ascertaining the fact. Suitable intervention is much requested to rein the situation.

3.     Non consideration of transfer under immunity grounds to the Divisional Secretary, Ramanathapuram Division to any HQ office for long, even at his first tenure of election and non consideration of even local officiating to many seniors because of biased attitude and union favoritism, by posting many juniors, brushing aside the senior requests at Ramanathapuram Division, with unbridled style of functioning, spoiling the conducive atmosphere and working environment. Despite submission of a memorandum by the Circle Union to the PMG, SR two months back on the problems faced at Ramanathapuram and despite after a personal meet by the Circle level office bearer with the Divisional Head to make a congenial atmosphere, nothing is heeded and there is no improvement in dealing with the staff matters. Request for immediate and suitable intervention.



The under mentioned office bearers will be attending   the meeting.  Necessary arrangements may kindly be made for granting special CL and relief to them.
1. Sri. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Sec., AIPEU Gr. C, TN @D4, Postal Staff Quarters, Teynampet, Chennai -18.
2. Sri. S.K. Jacob Raj, Divl. Sec., AIPEU Gr. C, Tirunelveli Division, @ Palayankottai HPO.

With regards,



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