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Monday, May 20, 2019

HSG I &HSG II நியமனவிதிகளில் மாற்றம் செய்திட முனையும் திட்டத்தை கைவிட கோரி நமது மத்திய சங்கம் அஞ்சல் வாரியத்திற்கு எழுதிய கடிதம் .பதவி உயர்வில் பழைய நிலையே தொடரவேண்டும் .

         Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151/1, New Patel Road, New Delhi - 110008

Ref: P/4-3/Recruitment/HSG Gr’ II & I                                                                    Dated – 17.05.2019

The Secretary,
Dept of Posts,
New Delhi 110001


Sub: - Regarding amendment of the Recruitment Rules for the post of Higher Selection Grade II & I 

Ref: -   Yr F.No X-3/1/2019-SPN II dated 13/5/2019

With reference to you above cited letter on the subject, we wish to record our strong resentment against the introduction of LDCE in HSG I and HSG II posts. 100% of these posts should be allowed to continue as if now under the seniority cum fitness.

It is pertinent to remind that the Secretary Posts have given the assurance in the Departmental Council meeting at the time of formulation of revised RR for HSG II & HSG I that it will take a proposal to DOPT to reduce the eligibility service condition of 6 years and five years to three years as per status quo ante provision. If the amendment is made, there will be no vacant posts in HSG II & HSG I and almost all the officials will get their due HSG II & I promotions.

Furthermore, we have requested several times to provide one time relaxation to the eligibility condition for filling up the vacant HSG II & I posts since bulk number of officials were promoted to LSG due to cadre restructuring and they will become eligible for HSG II promotion after six years and thereafter for the next promotion after five years. If the examination is introduced now, it will mar the fair chances to the LSG officials.

Therefore, it is requested to drop the proposal of introduction of LDCE in HSG II & HSG I in the proposed recruitment rules and allow the status quo in this regard.

Soliciting favourable response,

Yours faithfully,

 (R. N. Parashar) 
General Secretary


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