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Monday, March 4, 2019

அன்பார்ந்த தோழர்களே ! தோழியர்களே ! 
    நமது SSP அவர்களுடனான மாதாந்திர பேட்டி 05.03.2019 அன்று காலை 10 மணிக்கு நடைபெறுகிறது .மாதாந்திர பேட்டியில் விவாதிக்க நாம் கொடுத்துள்ள பிரச்சினைகள் உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு தரப்பட்டுள்ளன .

No.P3-MM/ dated at Palayankottai- 627002 the 01.03.2019


The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices,
Tirunelveli Division

            Sub:     Subjects for monthly meeting -reg
              The following subjects may kindly be included for discussion during the monthly meeting.

1. Nowadays advance of TA applied through SAP is not being sanctioned before proceeding for deputation which creates financial constraints to the officials deputed.  Hence, it is requested to sanction advance of TA as out of account atleast for the officials deputed to long distance offices / long term vacancies.

2. Request early passing of pending TA bills.

3. To ensure payment of salary in the last working day, it is requested to issue instructions to upload data on 25th of every month to DAP.

4. Though there are instructions by RO to provide hands to CPCs  during leave/deputation, Postmaster Tirunelveli HO is not following the said instructions and keeping the CPC unmanned. Request to issue suitable instructions to him.

5. Request to set right the faulty air-conditioner of WCTC, Palayankottai HO.

6. Request replacement of batteries of UPS as well as Genset of Tirunelveli Pettai SO.

7. It is requested to construct one additional toilet at Tirunelveli HO for the male staff.

8. It is requested to post the Rule-38 transferees at Ambasamudram, Vallioor and Tisayanvilai .Nanguneri /Kalakadu .Vadakkankulam areas so that deputation during short term vacancies can be done without hardships to the officials.

9. It is requested to explore alternative ways as there is an undue delay in procurement of UPS batteries to HOs and other LSG SOs.

10. Request issue of fresh LRPA lists.

11. Request early disposal of the representations of the officials made in connection with discrepancies in their seniority.

12. There are due transfers like LSG Postings, Shifting of LSG Treasurers and filling unfilled HSG II with LSG officials are upcoming which involves more than 75 to 80 transfers. Hence, it is requested to conduct a counselling like methods to reduce the grievances of the officials concerned which will be appreciated by all as a model employer.

13. Kilaambur SO which is Class B Office was incorrectly configured as Class C Office.  Hence, the router has to be replaced in order to connect one more system. Now, with a single system, supervison is very difficult and time consuming.

14. Request replacement of hard disk of faulty system of Pottalpudur SO.

                                               Pending Subjects                                                             
1.     68/2018 Request to carry out the civil maintenance work at Palayamkottai HO
2.     82/2018 Request to relocate Tondarbazar S.O.
3.     83/2018 Request for shifting Tirunelveli South S.O.to a better one.
4.     91/2018 Revise MDW of SB Branch Palayamkottai
5.     95/2018 Request to raise  the ground level to prevent water stagnation at Tirunelveli HO      
6.     104/2018 Request early passing of Transfer TA bills-c/o Shri.Vennikumar
7.     105/2018Request early dispose of staff representation C/O Shri.Vennikumar
8.     106/2018 It is requested to draw Cash handling allowance to all SPMS of B&C
9.     107/2018 Request to supply of separate scanner for Aadhar Enrolment/Updation at Tirunelveli HO
10.      01/2019 Request to replace the batteries of all UPS for the back office of Palayamkottai
11.      02/2019 Request to replace the batteries of UPS  in which the server of Tirunelveli HO has been connected.
12.      03/2019 Request to allot a room for female staff restroom at Palayamkottai HO
13.      05/2019 Request preparation of  MDW  for the general branch and SB branch of Tirunelveli HO
14.      11/2019 It is requested to carry out civil patch works in the dining room (Old canteen BUILDING )at Palayamkottai HO
                      The following officials will attend the meeting.
        1     S.K.Jacobraj  Divisional Secretary &LSG PA Tirunelveli HO
             2.     S.Muthumalai PA Sankar nagar
             3.     R.V.Thiyagaraja Pandian SPM Kilambur

                         Yours faithfully



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