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Monday, December 23, 2019

     National Small Savings Scheme (POSB) Rules 2019
Revised on 18/12/2019       
Government Savings Promotion General Rules 2018
Fee to be charged for Services
(a) (i) Issue of duplicate pass book - ` 50.
(ii) Issue of statement of account or deposit receipt-` 20 in each case.
(iii) Issue of pass book in lieu of lost or mutilated certificate -` 10 per registration.
(b) Cancellation or change of nomination -` 50
(c) Transfer of account - ` 100
(d) Pledging of account - ` 100
(e) Issue of cheque book in Savings Bank Account – No fee for upto10 leafs in a calendar year and thereafter at `` 2 per
cheque leaf.
(f) Charges on dishonour of cheque- ` 100
Tax as applicable on the above service charges shall also be payable.
Forms to be used for operation of an account
1. GSPR-1 Opening of Account
2. GSPR-2 Pay in slip
3. GSPR-3 Loan/Withdrawal Form
4. GSPR-4 Pass Book
5. GSPR-5 Application for Transfer of Account
6. GSPR-6 Application for Extension of Account
7. GSPR-7 Application for Pledging of Account
8. GSPR-8 Application for Premature closure of Account
9. GSPR-9 Application for Final Withdrawal & Closure
10. GSPR-10 Form for making nomination or Change or Cancellation of nomination
11. GSPR-11 Claim Form (Deceased)
12. GSPR-12 Form for authorisation of operation of account
13. GSPR-13 Affidavit
14. GSPR-14 Letter of disclaimer
15. GSPR-15 Bond of Indemnity



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