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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

சத்தீஸ்கர் மாநிலம் ராய்காட்யில் நடக்கும் (முன்னதாக கான்பூர் )என தவறுதலாக பிரசுரிக்கப்பட்டிருந்தது ) நமது மத்திய சங்க  செயற்குழுவில் கேடெர் சீரமைப்பு குறித்து நாம் வைத்த கோரிக்கை -பதவி உயர்வு என்பது கூடுதல் பொறுப்புகளை ஏற்கவேண்டியதாயிருக்கிறது .ஆகவே ஒரே GP என்றாலும் அது எந்த பதவி உயர்வு என்றாலும் கூடுதலாக ஒரு ஆண்டு ஊதிய நிர்ணயத்தை வழங்கிட வேண்டும் 


No PIII/Dtd  atTirunelveli  627 002           the 04.03.2017

 The General secretary,
2151/1 New patel Road,
New Delhi--110008 .
Dear com

            Sub: Suggestion for Cadre Restructuring -reg           

The suggestion regarding cadre restructure implementation is given below. Kindly put forth the subject during the CWC Meeting at Kanpur.

The cadre restructure , at this stage , seems unavoidable for the reasons that our leaders are very much convinced over the fact that it is going to be boon in promotional aspects.

But when no benefit is going be attained on promotion-- which is otherwise achieved through MACP ---is the big question posing us.

So there should be a system in place and scheme in hand to make promotion as a separate entity for the purpose of fixation benefit delinking it from the financial upgradation.

This is possible because the upgradation are in pay hierarchy and not in the promotional hierarchy- a well settled statutory provision by various clarification from DOPT.

Against this back drop,  if the promotion to newly identified  posts  under cadre restructure can be made as promotion to post with higher responsibility and once done, any promotion to these posts will fetch the officials a promotional  fixation regardless of the fact they are drawing the same or more pay by means of MACP upgradation.

If all these posts are identified as posts, carrying higher responsibility in term of the 2000 OM ( copy enclosed) and reiterated in 2013 OM by DOPT ( copy enclosed) one can get  promotional fixation and further the MACP graduation should go hand in hand on the concept of upgradation by virtue of staying in the GP for more than 10 years and deferral effect of upgradation declining promotion vide para 25 of MACP order should be dispensed with. But the overall limit of fixation benefits may be kept for a maximum of the present 3, respect of both promotional and upgradational benefits.

Thus a MACP  official in GP 4200 , if promoted, should be given a fixation for the post to be treated as post with higher responsibility and thus he will be getting the benefit well in advance and his next upgradation should be only after 10 years if continues in the Grade pay.

This alone will give a true purpose and objectivity to the promotion .A promotion should be felt as an incident of comfort and gain and should not be feared as nothing but dislocation and hardship.

                                                                                                Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                Divisional Secretary.
Tirunelveli Division
                                                                                                      Tamil nadu Circle

Circle Secretary&
All India President CHQ
@ Chennai –600005

Financial Secretary TN circle&
Asst.General Secretary CHQ
@Chennai--  600002kindly be instru


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