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Monday, February 26, 2018

மாநில செயலர் தோழர் JR அவர்களுக்கு 02.03.2018 நடைபெறும் ஆர்ப்பாட்ட கோரிக்கைகளில் McCamish Softwareமற்றும் CPC பிரச்சினைகளையும் ஒரு கோரிக்கையாக இணைக்க வேண்டுகிறோம் .

 ALL INDIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES UNION GR-C                                                                         TIRUNELVELI DIVISIONAL BRANCH, TIRUNELVELI—627002
No.P3-CPC/dlgs dated at Palayankottai- 627002 the 26.02.2018

Com. J. Ramamoorthy
Circle Secretary
AIPEU Group ‘C’

Dear Comrade,

            Sub:    Problems faced due to improper functioning of McCamish
                        Software – reg

            We wish to bring the following to your notice in order to take up the said issues with the Circle Administration for a remedial action.

1.      Since first week of February, the “Collection” menu in McCamishmodule is not working and the SOs are accounting the RPLI Premia Collection of BOs manually in the SO Daily Accounts.  Hence, CPC has to feed the collection details and it consumes the time of most of the day.
2.      Whenever any software change is incorporated regarding feeding/updating of new proposals, the changes done should be communicated to all CPC by the Circle level CPC which is not being done as of now.
3.      ECMS is not working for the last one month due to reported ‘over load’ problem and hence all the service requests (Maturity, Death Claim, Revival etc.,) are being settled with much delay which creates customer dissatisfaction.
4.      Menu related to income tax is not working properly.
5.      Pressure should be created on the Administration to give due/proper attention to settle the McCamish related problems in order to provide better services to the customers and to avoid apathies of the working staff.
6.      Further, it is requested to include the above said CPC (McCamish) related issues in the charter of demands of the Demonstration to be held on 02.03.2018 for an early settlement.
                         Yours fraternally,



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