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Thursday, April 15, 2021


அன்பார்ந்த தோழர்களே ! தோழியர்களே ! வணக்கம் .

இன்று (15.04.2021) காலை 11 மணிக்கு நமது SSP அவர்களுடனான மாதாந்திர பேட்டி நடைபெறுகிறது .அதில் அஞ்சல் மூன்று சார்பாக விவாதிக்கவேண்டிய பிரச்சினைகளை நாம் 09.04.2021 அன்று கொடுத்துள்ளோம் .இதோ உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு...




No.P3-MM/ dated at Torunelveli 627002 the 09.04.2021


The Sr.Supdt. of Post Offices,

Tirunelveli Division



            Sub:    Subjects for monthly meeting -reg


              The following subjects may kindly be included for discussion during the monthly meeting.

1. It is requested to depute PAs to Munanjipatti SO and Panagudi SO as an interim measure since

(a) The PA posted on Rule 38 transfer to Munanjipatti SO has cancelled this transfer and requested transfer to Chennai.

(b)  The relief of PA posted on Rule 38 transfer to Panagudi SO from Dindigul division seems to be get delayed.

2. It is requested for the additional supply of three steel cupboards  to Palayankottai HO for preserving the AOFs.

3. It was requested for the supply of Cash counting Machines for all SB counters,   but it was replied by the Administration that three machines are in working condition. Hence the Divisional Administration is requested to arrange for analysing  the actual condition by the concerned officers themselves.

4. Considering the conjesting space availability at Thatchanallur SO , it is requested to recommend for dequarterisation by shifting the Delivery branch and Sub Account branch to upstairs .

5. It is requested to exempt Maharajanagar SO and Perumalpuram SO, for managing shortage of staff arising out of leave sanctioned for PAs, under office arrangement , considering the work burden in these offices.

6. Requested to take immediate action for utilising the newly promoted PAs in a full-fledged manner

7.. Kindly arrange to fill up the vacant post of ATR, Palayankottai immediately.

8. Requested for issuing suitable orders to stop Adhar works due to the rapid spread of Covid 19 in recent days.

9. Inorder to fight against the second wave of Corona, it is requested for the supply of essential PPEs for all our officials.

10. It is requested to reconsider to grant  full TA i.e Rs.500/- per day  for the Postman to PA Induction trainees at PTC  as per orders circulated in the letter dtd 1.2.2018 from the Dept of Expenditure.- c/o Shri. Asaithambi,  then Postman, Radhapuram, now PA, Tisayanvilai.

11. Action may please be taken to replace the left side back tyre of the Mail Van No: TN 59 CF 4552 as it is in worn out condition.

12 Request to modify the maximum and minimum cash balance of mukkudal S.O. Since the current Cash balance is not enough to meet out actual requirements.

13. Request to modify the present working hours of Ravanasamudram S.O  from 0900 to 1700  to 08.30 to 1630 inorder to facilitate the customers.

14. Request to enable user ID for the LGO promoted officials. Though more than 8 PA s are working at Ambasamudram HO it is very difficult to manage during shortage of staff.

15. It is requested for the conversion of leave spells already availed as EL/ Commuted leave by Sri. S. Narayanan , PA, Tirunelveli Town SO as  special leave "WRILL "  since he met with the accident at PTC , Madurai, during his training period which is undoubtedly to be considered as happened "while the CGS  performing his duties."

The following officials will attend the meeting.

1.      S.K.Jacobraj  Divisional Secretary &LSG PA Palayamkottai  HO

2.      C.Vanna Muthu Malai  SPM TVL RS

3.       R.V.Thiyagarajapandian Branch Secretary &SPM Ravanasamudram

                         Yours faithfully



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