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Saturday, July 13, 2019

                                                                    மீண்டும் finacle .....ஒரு சாதாரண ஊழியனின் குமுறல் --நன்றி SA POST

Practical Difficulties faced in Finacle. Why the Unions are so silent in this issue?

Now a days, the Finacle Reports has been limited to only 5 numbers per hour per user and the same report could not be generated within the time period of 10 minutes
It is ascertained that the validation per hour is set in a Finacle Server from the generation of last Finacle report.
i.e If 1st report generated at 1100 AM and second one at 1110 AM, 1120,1130 and 1140, the next report can be generated by the user after one hour which means only by 1240 hours. This validation will extend the normal working hours and create new headache in the working environment.

At least 16 reports to be generated by the Sub Offices which the transactions being carried out in day today work (Normal Days : SB, RD, SSA, RD Bulk,MIS,TD & SI Entries - 2/3 Schemes) and atleast 6 Finacle Reports to be generated for Branch Post Offices. Totally  the minimum of 22 Reports.

This is very minimum no of reports generated by the Sub / Head Offices and the user needs to wait 4-5 hours to generate 22 reports. 

Now, please think about the situation in SBCO ?????

Union leaders may please expose the actual issue faced in operative side and explain the practical difficulties to concern authority for the valuable solution.


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